South End Real Estate

South End Real EstateThe South End of Boston is an incredibly special place. Lined with spectacular Victorian brick row houses, the streets in the South End feature lovely upscale restaurants, art galleries, parks, mom and pop stores and coffee shops, and more. 

The South End is adjacent to the Bay Village and Back Bay of Boston, and has South Boston to it’s rear. A great deal of these stunning brick rowhouses have undergone extensive renovations that began in the 1960s, however on the exterior the buildings all have preserved their architectural brilliance and charm.

Most of the action in the South End can be found on Tremont and Washington Streets, in addition to Columbus Avenue. It is here where there are not only an array of prized places to live and transportation options, but where there are the highest concentration of stores, shops, restaurants, and art galleries all with a great deal of character and differentiating influence.

The South End is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the Hub as well, which has also furthered the quality of life that can be had here. It’s thriving artistic center and trendy atmosphere is full with individuals with backgrounds from South America, France, Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Greece, Venezuela, Africa, Peru, Japanese, Thailand, and more.

Some of the most exclusive real estate is in the South End and there are even developments in the pipeline for further investment into this jewel of Boston. Surrounding these very much in demand residences are prominent organizations such as the Animal Rescue League, the Boston Ballet, South End Baseball League, the South End Historical Society, and the list only continues. The South End is a well known historical neighborhood of the city of Boston that is thriving industriously and is still maintaining its traditional neighborhood character. 

The South End is home to several luxury condo buildings, most notable Atelier 505 and 285 Columbus Lofts