Fan Pier Building Real Estate

The extraordinary lifestyle that can be achieved from living at the Fan Pier on Boston’s new Waterfront is downright spectacular. In not many other places will you be able to have even comparable views of the entire Boston Harbor, Boston Waterfront, and the city skyline. This part of the city has undergone quite the transformation over recent years and will only continue to develop. 

Known as the Seaport District, owners are able to have access to the rest of the city in the blink of an eye. South Station even provides easy access via commuter trains, the high-speed Acela, buses, and the subway to the area around Fan Pier. Overall, this 21-acre property at the very heart of the Boston Harbor is unrivaled in it’s beauty and in it’s accessibility. The immense strides that the Seaport has made over recent times is certainly commendable, and this great deal of investment and resulting demand to be in the Seaport District on the Boston Waterfront will make it a place full of excitement, entertainment, and top dining and shopping areas for generations to come.

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